How to make subscribers forward your newsletters

It’s all About Segmentation

Women segments

Build your email list by providing relevant content that people want to share. How to accomplish that? Segment your lists and send targeted messages. Never send a blanket email to all subscribers. Your clients will be at different stages of their journey and will respond to appropriate messages sent at the right time. Incentivize your subscribers by sending specific and targeted information. Just sold a cloud computing service? Why not forward a white paper to that client explaining how to manage server settings? Chances are they’ll forward that to a friend or colleague who is still shopping for cloud computing.

  • Offer special promotions via email once the customer is in the sales funnel: “Ask about our special factory incentives only available over the phone.”

    How to do it

    1. Design Different Opt-ins for Each List.
    2. Create triggered messages to immediately respond to subscriber behaviors, particularly purchase cycle and buying frequency.
    3. Personalize your content by revising your sign up form to ask specific questions such as location, age, gender, and education. Check out Hubspot’s segmentation tactics
    4. Have Facebook posts, tweets, and emails, pre-populated with content. Then all you are asking the reader to do is click. Make it easy for subscribers to share.
    5. Use a dedicated “Forward to a Friend” call to action.

    More than 50% of people view their email on a mobile device so you may want to dedicate a specific section to a prompt that asks users to “share content”. You also want content to be as focused and relevant as possible. Don’t forget that recent service updates, account changes, whitepapers, and events can all be used to reach out to targeted subscribers. Your goal is to let subscribers know about your value without spamming them with unnecessary information. Segmentation accomplishes this task.

    — D. Johnstone

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